What does this tool do?

Drag and drop one or multiple images into the website and their size will be automatically optimized for free. This tool can help people who publish apps or websites to reduce the size of their assets while still benefitting from the wide compatibility offered by JPEG.

Asset size is usually significantly reduced even with the quality set to 100%. These smaller assets save space on user‘s devices and reduce bandwidth usage, resulting in faster loading speeds. This faster loading speed will contribute to better user retention and higher rankings for search engines.

Digital asset size also has a large impact on the carbon emissions of websites. For a site that gets 10.000 visitors per month who load 1MB worth of images, this tool can reduce this by over 35% and save over 11KG per year on carbon emissions. Without loss of quality or degrading the user experience. Running your website through Website Carbon Calculator will give you an estimation of how many g of CO2 is produced for every visitor to your site.

How does this tool compare to other asset optimization tools?

Recently, Google released Jpegli. A new JPEG coding library that can compress high-quality images 35% more than traditional JPEG codecs. When I searched for a tool to try this new technique, I was surprised to find nothing. That is why I created this website.

Asset size is usually significantly reduced even with the quality set to 100%. This allows you to enjoy the same quality of the original image and the wide compatibility of JPEG without any downsides.


The image encoding is done completely in the browser. This means that your images are never seen by us or sent to our servers.

Developer API

If you want to use this compression technique in your project programmatically, please check our API page.


If you have any questions you can contact me at [email protected].